Dr. Bhagirathsinh Jadeja

Life Coach/Author 

As we gradually make progress in the modern technological era, I have always felt the need of maintaining old  traditions and teachings which are evergreen. Kabir and his teachings are one of such magnificent torch of light which not just helps in the darkness but also helps in preventing darkness by lightning the inner glow of wisdom and values.
I was so really proud and happy to see Amit Dhorda taking this wonderful initiative of “Saheb ko Arpan” that takes the ancient teachings mixed with the folk taste and presented in the modern way. I think this is the most creative approach by which we can connect and preserve the ancient and modern both. 
I really look forward to the jewels of this new venture to shine and strongly recommend people to connect to this amazing initiative of Amit Dhorda.
God bless!
Saheb ko Arpan!
– Dr. Bhagirathsinh Jadeja aka MAITREYA
(Founder – Aavahan – Your Inner Calling / Life Coach / Success Ecosystem Designer / Author)

Bhavita Bhatt

Chartered Accountant 


In order for a plant to survive, It should have strong roots, we all know that. The same goes for us, we require a secure foundation from which we can aspire, develop, blossom and come to better understand ourselves and things around us.‘Saheb Ko Arpan’ is one such humble attempt to try to connect us with our roots. Kabirdasji through his dohas stresses on how ‘Parakh’  brings us closer to ourself. He spread the message of love and fraternity among all. With Amit and his team spreading such a message among youth deserves applause. My favourite among all tracks is ” Jagje and Janje”, delivered in his soulful voice. I wish that he continues to carry on such work of  inspiring us to connect with ourselves and connecting with the Almighty. 

Good Luck for all your future endeavors.

With Regards

Bhavita Bhatt

J.V Soni

( J.V Bangles Private Limited ) 


Saheb Ko Arpan :  I am sure, this excellent effort of this trio and the entire team to bring forth, the extraordinary quatrains/octaves of Saint Kabir with profound plenitude of spiritual wisdom, shall certainly impact us all to eternity. I wish them all the success and bliss.

Archita N Zaveri

(IT Professional – Product Analyst




It is said that,”If you know where you are coming from, no one can stop you where you are going”. It is particularly important for us to know which literature background, we are coming from for stronger roots will determine the strength of our tree. Saheb Ko Arpan is an extra-ordinary attempt to connect an individual with his roots. Kabirji always taught us the path of simple reunion with ourself. His sakhis gives us the simple essence of all the scriptures. My personal favorite one is

silwant sabse bada, sab ratano ki khan; 

tin lok ki sampada, rahi sil may an.”

 The work done by Amit and his team is praiseworthy. It is a gift to today’s youth and society. There is preaching with traditional folk touch in all the tracks and this is what makes the work unique. Thank you for bringing this to our table and reconnecting us with our roots. Amit and team, please continue this awesome work.



Vijay Mehta


The word is not formless, every word has a picture. The scent of the word is also offered! The scent of devotion comes as soon as the word is spoken…

Arpan does not require authority, but surrender.

How can we bring so much wealth? Yes! It can be offered with dedication.

Amit Dhorda & Satyaswaroop Das presented “Saheb Ko Arpan”.

The album is probably born out of this humility of thought, All bhajans sounds soothing, the deepest reflection of life is also commanded and preaching.

Suryakant Challa

(Honorable Secretary Of Patttni Brotherhood, Nairobi)

The world is ever changing and evolving. The fast track nature and need for humans to always keep working towards the future make us forget about the present and the past for second. That is when this Kabir, one caught my attention. It is always great to honor the lives and achievements of people from our days of youth. Amit Dhorda & Satyaswaroop Das have brought back so many memories for us through “Saheb Ko Arpan – The Real Face Of Kabir”. This is a truly great initiative which presented these valuable teachings in a way that appeals to the younger generation today. 

Saheb Ko Arpan! 

Suryakant Challa 

(Honorable Secretary Of Patttni Brotherhood, Nairobi)

Mr. Hemant Chauhan

(Gujarati Folk Singer)

My congratulations to “Saheb Ko Arpan – The Real Face Of Kabir” for their contribution to society spreading the real ideology of Kabir Saheb. You are working very hard to keep alive this Saheb tradition which has gone on for 650 years ago. Thank you for your work & awakening today’s youth.

This effort of yours to show the right direction of truth to today’s young generation and organizing “Non-Profitable” satsangs and santvani will be a great contribution to the society.