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About Kabir Saheb

Kabir isn’t a religion, Kabir isn’t a belief, Kabir isn’t even a community : Kabir is merely a perspective, that guides every
individual from ignorance to knowledge. To attain truth is to be aware about the ignorance within ourselves and then humbly and with utmost indifference, removing the seed of ignorance. This is what is known as “parakh” and an experience of “mukti”. 

Our Motive

Saheb Ko Arpan is a project dedicated solely towards spreading Kabir Vaani through traditional folk music. It is a platform where art and artists can get a window to spread their art . We are here to dedicate our platform to true talents.Our platform is entirely NON - PROFIT. We are here for the sole purpose of contribution to the society. 

We are a team of united individuals who have come together with one mission : To educate the society with the true message that Kabir Saheb spoke in his wisdom shabad & sakhis.

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Meet our founders that made this dream project possible.

Satsangi & Founder Of Saheb Ko Arpan 

Satsangi & Founder Of Saheb Ko Arpan 

Satsangi & Founder – Saheb Ko Arpan


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